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Hi friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! So, recently, I’ve been gravitating towards a certain aesthetic when planning several outfits for Christmas/holiday get-togethers this month. I’ve featured this plaid midi skirt from Kate Spade before, and I just can’t get enough. I also love it in cream, as seen on that precious little secretary-style shift dress. One of these pieces just has to make in into my holiday wardrobe, and the odds are certainly in my favor as they’re both currently on sale! Using the inspiration from these pieces, I put together a little image map of items that fit the look. If you live closer to the North Pole, like me, you’ll also need a great pair of tights, so go for the mat opaque 80 from Wolford. They are the Cadillac of tights and you have to just bite the bullet and invest. I like the idea of having a few key pieces and then mixing and matching with classic black basics and gold jewelry. That’s my holiday outfit approach. I know, what a concept, groundbreaking. Anyway, I hope you can draw some inspo for your holiday looks too! Tomorrow I’ll be back with another gift guide, have a great Thursday y’all!