Aren’t they perfect? They taste just as wonderful. To Di For, named for owner Diana Matthews, is a new bakery serving up delectable, gourmet cupcakes to the Madison area. When I say gourmet, I mean flavors such as raspberry Nutella swirl with champagne icing. Yeah, they aren’t messing around, y’all. If you have an event, holiday (hey Valentine’s Day), or just a craving, To Di For cupcakes are sure to please. Also, they ship seasonal granolas and GF/paleo cookies, so if you’re not local to Madison, you can still treat yourself. Visit their website here!



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Hi! Today, I thought I’d share another #weeklywishlist because, well, I haven’t done one in a while. Also, with the holidays justtt around the corner [eyeroll], my wishlist is getting quite lengthy.

Booties: I’m kind of on a bootie kick right now (wow that sounds like a Zumba move, I hate myself). I’m definitely gravitating towards a bootie/chelsea boot moreso than ballet flats these days. Maybe this means that for once in my life I can say I’m practical. I love leopard details, especially when peppered into an all black ensemble, it adds a pop of something while still being neutral. They’re Madewell, but I was only able to find them at Shopbop. Sizes are dwindling, so I might need to just bite the bullet and snap them up.

Earrings: These Loren Hope statement studs are such a fun little addition for fall. I like how they pack a punch, but aren’t giant boulders weighing down my head. Win-win if you ask me. Really though, I don’t have a pair like them and that rich merlot color is just the best.

Sweater: Don’t mind me, I’m just continuing my current obsession with cable-knit. Carry on.

Primer: This line-item is up for debate because I’m not quite sure what to look for in an eyeshadow primer. I just emerged from another decade, apparently, and don’t have one. I’ve heard great things about this one, from Urban Decay, plus it has some anti-aging magic. If anyone has any other recommendations I’d love to hear them!

Loafers: If a ballet flat and a driving moc had a baby, it might kinda look like these little gems from Kate Spade. What more could I ask for?

PJs: I feel really aggressive wanting these Christmas-y pajamas, like yes – it’s barely November, but think of all the lounging! Loungewear is important y’all, and how can you not love those little Santa gnomes? Also, this plaid pair is a must!

Pants: These Victoria Beckham pants are fabulous. I’m always a fan of gingham, especially in black and white. It’s so chic and stands in a definite contrast to the classic picnic table print. I would love these topped by a chunky knit or all buttoned-up. Also here.

Watch: Not to be trendy, but I’ve been eyeing this Daniel Wellington watch for a while now. Though I love a good “boyfriend watch,” sometimes those oversized timepieces look gaudy as hell. Not to mention, I feel like they overpower my wrist. I like how this watch has that really large face, but the thinner band tones it down.

Sunglasses: I tried these Prada beauties on at the airport Sunglass Hut a week or so ago and I can’t stop thinking about them. I don’t have a pair of sunnies in this light tortoiseshell, which means they’re an obvious necessity. I’m like kidding but also not…

Tray: Who doesn’t love a little crown motif?

Take the edge of your Monday like I did, with a little online shopping. I hope y’all had a great Halloweekend!





Hey y’all, I hope everyone had a great Monday! For once, I was seriously productive, and it felt so good. It’s amazing what you can get done when you, ya know, actually sit down and do it. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you might’ve noticed a picture here and there of this old, decrepit, cottage style house (and some treasures we found inside!). This ole girl is part of the reason I’ve been so MIA on the blog lately. My parents have owned a boutique home building business for over 25 years, and now I’m stepping into the ring. We purchased this Maple Bluff property in September and have been busy with it ever since. Though once a nice home owned by a respected family in the Madison area, it had fallen into serious disrepair. When I say disrepair, I really mean it was totally unlivable and therefore, it’s been taken down to the studs. The last few weeks have consisted of clearing out truckloads of junk, meeting with subcontractors, and getting bids. Demolition should be finished in a few days, and we’ll have a clean slate inside. I can’t wait to restore this place to it’s original character. With the guidance of my mom, I’m taking this project and running with it, so expect to see updates both here on the blog, and on Instagram as well. Also, I’ve been pinning like it’s 2011, getting lots of inspiration for kitchens and bathrooms, so be sure to follow 10th & James on Pinterest!