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Spring is such a an awkward season, especially in Wisconsin. Lingering snow sits in sad little puddles while everything it once covered is still dead and soggy (do y’all think I have a gift for descriptive writing or nah?). Basically, it’s just a depressing time of year. I think my view of spring is definitely a glass-half-empty situation. This year, I’ve been brightening my outlook with retail therapy. Honestly, this is probably the most cost-effective version of therapy because copays ain’t free okay people? I digress. There really are so many fun and happy pieces/trends popping up this season. Here is my wish-list!

I hope y’all have a great Monday and Happy Leap Day!


Pastel Picks

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I know pastels (like florals!) for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but I’m really excited about them this go round. With all the neutral, blushy tones that are everywhere this season, pastels are just part of the natural progression. I like the ethereal, easy look that only the lightest tints of colors can bring. This is also true when it comes to cosmetics, so if you’re not quite ready to commit to a pastel wardrobe the Queen Mother (rest her soul) would approve of, try a new, pink-er blush or this lilac nail polish. This color trend is a great fit for everyone, as pastels compliment both dark and fair skin tones. Now we can all run around channeling Easter eggs all season long. I can’t wait to layer the sweater from yesterday’s post over this shirtdress with pale pink flats!