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Is anyone else obsessed with having long princess hair? The five year old in me loves channelling Tangled. That said, my hair used to be literally tangled. Long hair that’s thick but very fine? Good LORD┬ájust the thought of brushing my hair could bring tears to my eyes and even tempted me to bring┬áscissors to my tresses. Then, a couple years back, I discovered this magical brush. I feel like a lot of you have probably heard of the Wet Brush, or seen it at Target, but y’all, I’m here to tell ya to run out the door and buy one right now. If you never want to rip through snarly hair again, here’s the solution. This brush is specifically designed to combat tangled, knotty hair post wash (you can use it on dry hair too)! It literally slides through my hair without any pulling or breakage and I can carry on with my long locks. I feel like I’m hosting an infomercial for this product but I’m seriously obsessed and I think you will be too!




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