April Showers

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…Bring May flowers! Hey, I never said I wasn’t cliche. Yesterday’s post revolved around the sun and today’s is a bit more gloomy.  In all seriousness, it’s thunderstorm season, but that’s no excuse not to look your best!  Here are three pieces that will take you from downpour to downtown.  I love this J. Crew anorak, because even when the rain stops, you’ll look appropriate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house in an obvious rain slicker on a drizzly morning only for the sun to be shining by noon.  Essentially, this jacket will save you from that earth shattering embarrassment. These rain boots offer a similar insurance policy, because they look cool no matter the weather. How can one even fathom rain gear without picturing a pair of Hunter boots?  We’ve all been wearing them forever, but check out the detail on this updated pair.  Flashback to the fringe-y loafers every dad ever wore in the 90’s.  Really though, it’s actually a nod to traditional Scottish footwear – cue the bagpipes – and it totally amps up the style factor. Lastly, this Totes pineapple print umbrella is too cute to pass up.  Whatever monsoon you’re encountering, the cheeky print and bright poppy color are sure to lift your spirits.  So, next time the forecast sours, don’t fret, it’s just another opportunity for you to look great!


An Introduction

Girl with Balloons


HELLO!  Welcome to 10th & James!  I’m so excited to start this adventure that has been months in the making.  Though rooted in fashion, I hope to provide inspiration through a variety of subjects.  I want this blog to serve as a window into my little world.

In college, I fell prey to the sorority uniform of leggings and giant t-shirts (though I’d jazz it up with penny loafers…), and lost sight of my personal style.  Several months postgrad, I’ve fell back in love with fashion and the art of getting dressed.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and social media as well, so put it all together and here we are!

So what’s in a name?  10th and James is the cross-street of where I lived for two years of college.  This was the location of some of my favorite college memories and my best friend Gabby always said what a great name it would be for a clothing line.  It’s also a great name for a blog, wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks so much for reading – all five of you!  Stop back soon (like…I don’t know…tomorrow)!