My New Fave Animal Print

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Hi y’all, happy Friday! I’m headed to Chicago later this afternoon to see my best friend from college and spend the weekend sketching around the Windy City! If y’all have any suggestions on places to eat/drink/shop let me know! For now, I’ll leave you with this little trend I’ve been into lately. I love most animal prints (except zebra, say no to zebra), but especially this speckled dalmatian/cheetah print. I’ve not been sure of what to call it, as it’s more abstract than straight-up cheetah, but not quite reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians either. Regardless, being a natural design, it’ll fit in with almost any look, plus, it’s a fun way to add some interest and texture to an outfit. What patterns and prints do you gravitate toward? I hope everyone has a great weekend, I’ll meet you back here on Monday! Until then, follow along on Instagram!