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I got caught at the Chanel counter again y’all, but I’m so glad I did! With it being summer, I have some redness here and there, and aside from that, I wanted my make-up to have a smoother finish. A new primer was in order. Enter Chanel Le Blanc. I picked up this little miracle last week and it’s already a game changer. After moisturizing, I dot it around my face and then apply foundation like usual. Pores appear blurred out and all imperfections are instantly camouflaged! It gives a lasting dewy glow, which everyone is constantly in search of these days. This product also extends the wear of foundation, making my face appear fresh all day long. An added bonus is the SPF 30 and lightweight formula, making this primer ripe for warm weather! If you’re in the market for a skin brightening/perfecting primer, I’ve got your recommendation.


PS: The candle pictured is the single best thing I’ve ever smelled. It came in a set during the Nordstrom sale but is available by itself too!



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