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I have a seriously dysfunctional relationship with skirts. I don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t found one that I love and would rather wear over a dress. Is anyone else like this? Maybe it’s a lazy thing: you look put together, but it’s just one article of clothing. Throw it on and go. Whatever my issue is, hopefully I’ll get over it this season, because there are so many fun trends for skirts! Once again, the 70s vibes of fall are surfacing with suede fringe, leather, and patchwork. I also love the classic pleats, plaids, and button fronts. The mini skirts are darling paired with cozy knits (like those found in my last post), and the midis looks so polished with a bloused silk top. Check out the widget below for some more skirts that give me hope I can be a skirt person!


PS that fringe-y little number is linked in a lighter canvas color! The tan sold out.



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