Mason Pearson Popular Brush (even comes with a cute little brush to clean the big one)

In a word: yes. I have really thick, fine, long hair and brushing it can be a nightmare. A couple weeks ago, I folded and purchased a Mason Pearson hairbrush. I’d been looking to make the investment for years and I’m so thrilled I finally did. The boar bristles are the ideal medium for evenly distributing natural oils throughout your hair, thereby improving hair health, smoothing, and adding shine. I must say, my hair has never been shinier, or softer. It also detangles like nobody’s business and feels so comfortable on the scalp. I have the Popular model, which is a large, combination (nylon/boar) bristle brush. Find the right model for your hair type here! This is definitely an investment, $100+ for a brush is…aggressive, I know. For me, it’s about cost-per-use. I literally take pleasure in brushing my hair now, whereas I used to avoid the task whenever possible. The initial sticker shock is easy to justify when’s it’s something I’ll use daily for years! Plus, it looks so chic sitting on the vanity 😉





Aren’t they perfect? They taste just as wonderful. To Di For, named for owner Diana Matthews, is a new bakery serving up delectable, gourmet cupcakes to the Madison area. When I say gourmet, I mean flavors such as raspberry Nutella swirl with champagne icing. Yeah, they aren’t messing around, y’all. If you have an event, holiday (hey Valentine’s Day), or just a craving, To Di For cupcakes are sure to please. Also, they ship seasonal granolas and GF/paleo cookies, so if you’re not local to Madison, you can still treat yourself. Visit their website here!