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Happy Friday!  Today, I was feeling some inspo from the Pantone Color(s) of the Year: Serenity and Rose Quartz! No, not panettone, the dry Italian sweet bread they always have in the gourmet foods section at Marshall’s. Pantone is the international authority on color and forecasts color trends. All the maroons and oxbloods you’ve seen this year? 2015’s color was Marsala. This is the first time there’s been two colors, that’s why it’ll be so interesting to see how designers and consumers alike adopt them. Personally, I love Rose Quartz because I view blushy pinks as neutrals. The same can’t be said for Serenity, it’s just not my fave. It reminds me of the dentist or a bad bathroom remodel in 1983. However, I saw a serenity-hued KitchenAid mixer yesterday, so maybe it’ll take off and I’ll be shocked. Pantone took a unique stance this year, stating the two colors represent social issues and changes. Some say they just want to shill more licensed lipstick at Sephora. Regardless, if you’re looking to take these tints for a test drive, do it with accessories and shoes. Less commitment, y’all (well I guess that Valentino is commitment, but we can make an exception).

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Scarf: Plum Boutique

Happy first day of FALL! Not to be cliche, but Fall is by far my favorite season. I think every girl ever would agree with that statement, but for me the season is about so much more than pumpkin spice lattes. It’s about clothes, y’all. We finally bid farewell to the sweatiness of summer (maybe that’s just me…) and get to pile on the layers! Ok, so there’s still a couple weeks until the cool weather really sets in, but now is the time to stock up on fall faves, such as scarves. A great scarf, like the one pictured above, is the best way to pull your outfit together…with minimal effort. Leggings, a little sweater (bonus points for a cape), topped with a plaid infinity, and you’re good to go. I love this one, from Plum Boutique in Waco, TX! It’s super cozy, but also thin enough to double loop without looking like you’re wearing a neck brace haha. Plus, the price is most certainly right, at only $28!

Plum recently launched their new website ( and I’m pretty much obsessed with everything. From apparel, to jewelry, and home accessories, they’ve got you covered. Definitely go check out the site and treat yourself to some goodies. For my Baylor readers (sic ’em!), head to their adorable shop in Spice Village. Also, give them a follow on Instagram for a wonderful feed full of inspiration! Be sure to check back on Friday, as I’ll be hosting a little Plum Boutique giveaway!

I hope everyone is having a great first day of fall, thanks for popping by!


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Gotta wear shades. Three types in particular: black, tort, and an aviator. Granted, I’d love a whole truckload of sunglasses, but regardless, I think it’s important to have at least one pair in each category! As with all eyewear, it’s crucial to find a size/shape that fits your face. I always see these petite lil ladies channeling the Olsen twins in GIANT sunglasses, practically falling off their faces! I’m all for a huge pair of sunnies, like hello, none of these pictured are exactly small, but y’all know what I mean. Definitely take the time to play around, and find the right pair for your face – bigger isn’t always better in the sunglasses department. Sunglass Hut has a nice little guide here!

Black: I recently purchased these perfect incognito Dolce & Gabbana shades. Typically, cat-eye sunglasses irritate me, it’s just too much of a trendy novelty. This pair, however, has just the slightest tinge of a cat-eye, plus the jet black frame and dark gradient lenses make them super serious – anything but a novelty. I throw these on for the days when I don’t have make-up on and would rather die than run into someone I know (daily). That said, they look equally appropriate with a more formal, dressed up look.

Aviator: I’ve definitely talked about Ray-Bans before because let’s face it: they’re the ultimate sunglasses. My grandpa always wore the classic gold frames/green lenses and no one will ever look as cool as he did – though I definitely try. This just goes to show everyone can wear aviators, from me to my papa, and everyone else! I have this classic pair, but I’m also really warming up to the bright mirrored lenses that have been everywhere for the last few seasons. I love how an aviator sits up off your face, making them perfect for summer when your make-up is melting off half the time. Just me? Oh. These are the sunglasses I keep in my bag at all times, and they always look appropriate.

Tort: I love this pair from Tory Burch. They definitely fall into that cliche “Jackie O” category but I’m into it. Tortoiseshell just adds a little something to any outfit, and again, goes with everything. I think that might be the theme of this post, versatility. Anyway, I think the tortoiseshell is a little softer of a look than the black, for those days when you aren’t necessarily hiding from anyone 😉

If you’re looking to start or expand your sunglasses wardrobe, take a little inventory to see if you have all your bases covered! With a respective pair (or pairs!) in each category, you’ll be ready for anything! Check out the little widget below for some more of my faves (pssst one pair is just $12)!


My New Fave Animal Print

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Hi y’all, happy Friday! I’m headed to Chicago later this afternoon to see my best friend from college and spend the weekend sketching around the Windy City! If y’all have any suggestions on places to eat/drink/shop let me know! For now, I’ll leave you with this little trend I’ve been into lately. I love most animal prints (except zebra, say no to zebra), but especially this speckled dalmatian/cheetah print. I’ve not been sure of what to call it, as it’s more abstract than straight-up cheetah, but not quite reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians either. Regardless, being a natural design, it’ll fit in with almost any look, plus, it’s a fun way to add some interest and texture to an outfit. What patterns and prints do you gravitate toward? I hope everyone has a great weekend, I’ll meet you back here on Monday! Until then, follow along on Instagram!